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Teach Me

There is a child
And he says, "Teach me."
The wondering, curious, discovering child..
Awed at the beauty, the rhythm, the process.
Teach me to know
How and where is my world, and why am I me,
Where do I end and others begin?

There is a youth
And he says, "Teach me."
The reaching, unfolding, surging youth.
Teach me to understand.
What and why is the universe,
what is my part of the joy and the toil,
How do I join with all others?
Teach me.

There is a man
And he says "Teach me."
The seeking, searching, uncertain man.
Teach me to question, to probe, and to find.
Teach me so that
When a child comes forth
I will know what to do when he says,
"Teach me."
--Carol B. Epstein


What is SMEA?

The Student Michigan Education Association (SMEA) is a pre-professional organization for people preparing for the teaching profession in any of the higher education institutions in Michigan and who are not regularly employed as educators by an educational institution or agency.

The Program exists to help students make a smooth transition from the campus to the classroom-to help give students the edge as a teacher in those very important first years.

Although colleges and universities do a great job preparing education majors to assume institutional responsibilities, very few programs are offered that explore the critical non-instructional aspects of the profession. That is where the SMEA come in to supplement formal education--to help pre-professionals learn about salaries, contracts, evaluations, discipline and certification requirements to name a few.

Membership Benefits

What do I get for my dues?
You get professional and student publications designed to keep you up-to-date on current education news and trends, including the newspapers the NEA Today and the MEA Voice.

You receive $1 million worth of liability insurance to protect you during student teaching assignments and other on-site classroom activities under the direction of a professional educator.

You may take advantage of the MEA/NEA workshops and conferences designed for the needs of future teachers.

You have a chance to work with the organization to influence changes in such things as teacher education, legislation affecting teachers and certification requirements.

You have multiple opportunities to serve in leadership roles. The skills and experiences you gain as an active, involved member-leader will be beneficial to you in the teaching profession.

You have access to MEA's and NEA's instructional and professional resources.

You can make many valuable professional and personal friendships to help you become comfortable as a classroom teacher.

You have the opportunity to meet and share ideas with other SMEA members and practicing classroom teachers.

You are entitled to a $10 credit on you first-years teacher membership for each year you are an SMEA member (maximum $40 credit)

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