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The Communications Committee publishes a newsletter every month. It is filled with important information and key issues for SLEA members. Below are the major highlights from the most recent newsletter. Click here to get the entire issue of the SLEA Newsletter and stay current!

Education is a journey, not a destination.
— Anonymous

"A Message from the President"

A question has come up regarding what the Union will do for members who end up with pictures and information on Facebook and other Internet sites that they did not wish to have posted where others could see them. It is a concern that there could be something out there that could be a possible job threat in its content. Issues of oneís personal life are not part of the Unionís responsibility. The official answer from MEA is, "What one does during their own time is their business and if it ends up on Facebook, etc. there is not one thing we can do about it. One should think before doing". Being public employees, we have to answer to the public in ways other professionals do not. We must always be cognizant of that fact.

In addition to the Internet, we need to be careful about where we "party" and what we say in public. For example, if you really wanted to "tie one on" or use profanity or discuss a particular student or parent, it would be better to do this somewhere other than South Lyon. This is still a small community, and youíd be surprised what makes it back to Administration. Be aware and be professional. Here is a link to an article from the NEA: "The Whole World (Wide Web) is Watching".

On another topic, Nancy and I get calls and e-mails every day asking us questions we canít always answer. Usually the answer to, "What does your principal say?" is "I havenít asked him/her." That is almost always your first step. Your building rep can help you with this if you are uncomfortable, but there is usually nothing we can do or say until you have first given your principal the chance to respond to the issue. Of course, we are always here to assist you, but the principalís response is almost always where we start.

Additionally, it was announced Wednesday by one of the bill's sponsors, Sen. Wayne Kuipers, that no further action would be taken on the MEA Retirement Proposal, Senate Bill 255. Further, the MEA issued a press release indicating it was clear the proposal "was not going to make it through the legislative process" and the legislation was being "pulled from consideration".

Have a safe and enjoyable Spring Break.

Connie McKinnie
President SLEA

SLEA Elections On March 25th, the building reps were to send out information to their buildings pertaining to the upcoming elections. We are going to be voting for open positions on the executive board and the SLEA budget for the 2009-2010 school year. The budget will be presented to the executive board at the April meeting before going to the membership. Any questions you may have, please contact your building rep(s). See the newsletter for all important dates and deadlines.

The open positions are as follows (All positions are for two year terms unless otherwise indicated.): President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, 1 NEA Representative, 1 MEA Representative, 3 Region 7 Representatives, 1 Region 7 Representative (1 year term).

PAC – Political Action Committee Getting involved in school board elections is an opportunity for members to help shape public education in their district. It is the most important local election for our members to actively support. By recommending, campaigning, and voting for candidates in school board elections, members are truly "ImPACting the Future" and the future of public education. If you are interested in becoming involved in PAC or know anyone who may be interested in running for our school board, please contact Jonathan Weinraub. In South Lyon, the seats currently held by Greg Downey and George Ehlert are up for re-election this November. Now is the time to start making changes.

Source: BFCL Political Action Committee

Home Emails If your home email address has changed or you are new to the district, please send your home email address to Tina Harma at There are sensitive items that members need to know, but can't go out over school email. Please check your home email regularly for updates.

Building Spotlight: Kent Lake This issues building spotlight shines on Kent Lake Elementary School. Check out the newsletter to see what the teachers at Kent Lake are doing over Spring Break.

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