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Calendar of Events


January, 2012, Building/Association Reps.

Executive Council Meetings

(First Thursday of the Month, as needed, 4 p.m.) All meetings are held at Arthurs Middle School (due to minimal business, EC meetings will be held on an as needed basis and combined with RC meetings where possible)

Representative Council Meetings

(Third Wednesday of the Month, 4:00 p.m.) Location Rotates as noted.

General Membership Meetings


Special Meetings

August 25, 2011, Long Range Planning Meeting.


Dec. 6-12: Nominations.
Jan. 21, 24: TEA Elections.

Other Events

Fall RA, Lansing Mi, Nov., 2011
Spring RA, Lansing Mi, Apr. , 2012
NEA RA, Jun 30-Jul. 5, 2012
Summer Leadership Conference,