Terms and Acronyms
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Terms and Acronyms


    Executive Council, the officers of the TEA, the EC governs the RC.


    Michigan Education Association


    Michigan Education Special Services Association.  A not-for-profit membership organization established by the MEA as a Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA). For more information on the history of MESSA, follow this link.


    National Education Association


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Region 2B

    Michigan is divided up into geographic regions, each local association falls into one of these regions and is assigned MEA Uniserve Directors according to their region. Representation at governing assemblies, the RAs, are organized according to those regions.


    Representative Assembly.  The RA is the legislative assembly of the Association.  There are three RA's scheduled each year, the Spring and Fall MEA RA's and the Summer NEA RA.  The Fall RA falls usually on the first or second Saturday in November and lasts one day.  The Spring RA falls on the first or second weekend in May and is held over two days, Friday and Saturday.  These are both held in Lansing.  The Summer NEA RA falls the week of the Fourth of July in assorted national venues, such as Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, etc.


    Representative Council, the ruling body of the TEA.  The RC consists of the officers of the TEA, all Association Representatives, and Committee heads.


    Trenton Education Association

Uniserve Director

The Professional Negotiator hired by the MEA to service local contracts.  The Uniserve Director is well versed in labor law and can advise the local on all aspects of the contract and our obligations under that contract.