TEA Officers
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TEA Officer Names and Work Numbers 


Name Number
District Director Hoffman, Mark

THS   692-4530

Assistant District Director  

Anderson   676-2177

Secretary DeJulian, Michelle

THS/Anderson 676-3515

Treasurer   DiPaoli, Valerie BAMS   676-8700 x327
MEA/RA (Representative Assembly) Delegate   BAMS   676-8700
NEA/RA (Representative Assembly) Delegate   BAMS   676-8700
District Negotiator   Hedke   692-4563
 High School Level Director   THS   692-4530
Middle School Level Directors   BAMS   676-8700 x310
Elementary Level Directors   Anderson   676-2177
Special Services Level Director   BAMS   676-8700
MEA and NEA-RA Alternate Delegate   BAMS   676-8700
Trenton High School Building Representative   THS   692-4530
Trenton High School Building Representative   THS   692-4530
Arthurs Middle School Building Representative   BAMS   676-8700
Arthurs Middle School Building Representative   BAMS 676-8700
Anderson Elementary Building Co-Representative   Anderson   676-2177
Hedke Elementary Building Co-Representative   Hedke   692-4563
Special Services Co-Representatives   THS/Hedke   362-1063
TC   692-4520
Committee Chairs
Grievance Chair   THS   692-4530
Membership Committee Chair   THS   672-4530
PAC Chair  
Crisis Coordinator   THS   692-4530
Sick Bank Committee Chair   Anderson 676-2177
Website Chair   THS   692-4530
Negotiation Team  
Grievance Team  

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