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Article 17 of the Master Teacher Contract establishes the UTF Sick Bank and the Sick and Emergency Leave Committee that administers the bank.  The committee is comprised of three UTF members appointed by the UTF and three persons appointed by the Board.  The Director of Human Resources sits on the Committee ex-officio and can only vote if there is a tie.

Among the questions the UTF hears about the

S & E committee and the Sick Bank are:

 Why should I join the sick bank?  Joining the Sick Bank is a personal decision.  Its like insurance.  While no one expects to have to use it, if you get really sick, or are injured in an accident, being a member of the Sick Banks will cover you until you reach Long Term Disability.  If you're a new teacher, you don't have many days accumulated yet, and a pregnancy leave or other major disability could be financially devastating to you without Sick Bank membership.


 What does it cost to join?  It takes two days of your sick leave allotment to join the bank.  After that the contribution is usually one day per year, though there have been years when two days have been required.


 What do I do if I get my request for days rejected by the committee?  Ask the committee in writing to explain why they would not grant the days.  It may be because your doctor didn't provide them with necessary information or because they said your disability wasn't a serious one. 


 Then what is a serious disability?  It has to be a disability that is something more than being sick with the flu or a cold, temporary nervous disorders and elective surgery.  A serious injury, illness or accident qualifies for days from the sick bank as does bereavement leave if your own sick days are exhausted.  Check paragraph M on page 52 of the contract.


 Is there any recourse for an adverse decision of the committee?  The committee's decision is final, though the committee will reconsider an application on the basis of new information.

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