Walled Lake Education Association

March 10 - The following are the results for the WLEA election:

President: Chriss Golden
Vice President: Dan Love
Secretary: Kim Quinn-Haver
Treasurer: Terese Fitzpatrick

MEA RA Delegates (5):
Dan Love, Hugh Schulkins, Terese Fitzpatrick, Chriss Golden, Daryl Szymanski

MEA RA Dekegate -Third World (2):
Jim Walsh, Sherri Look

NEA RA Delegate (5):
Hugh Schulkins, Dan Love, Chriss Golden, Daryl Szymanski, Eldred Baird

NEA RA Delegate-Third World (2):
Jim Walsh, Sherri Look

MEA RA and NEA RA Alternate Delegate (2):
Peggy Haver, Margaret Meyer

March - WLEA welcomes Kim Quinn-Haver as our secretary. Kim is replacing Marcia Felegy who stepped down while she pursues the MEA Uniserve training program.

January 16 - Congratulations on a fantastic PAC drive for WLEA this year! Our members were able to raise $22,965! That's almost $4000 more than last year! We had 62.8% of our members contribute, also an increase. Our PAC contributions will help to support education friendly candidates and issues that directly impact our students and our careers. These funds will be used locally for Walled Lake elections and initiatives all the way up to the national level.


January 12 - The WLEA voted today to increase dues by $20.00. The results were: 621 Yes, 168 No.

Thanks to all that participated and a special thank you to the Elections
Committee who worked efficiently to tally the votes.

November 3 - WLEA PAC drive - The members of the WLEA are in the midst of our 2005 PAC drive. WLEA PAC is the Political Action Committee of the Walled Lake Education Association. WLEA PAC is an independent entity charged with raising money and support for policies and policymakers that reflect the best interests of public education, regardless of political party or stances on social issues.

Our goal for the WLEA is to get a contribution from each of our members and read a total of $25,000.

November 3 - The petition drive still in gear. As part of the K-16 Coaltion, MEA has roughly 170,000 signatures needed to put the initiative before the legislature. The goal at this point is 300,000, and the deadline has been extended to the end of November.
August 17 - It’s time to get to work garnering 500,000 petition signatures in support of adequate school funding – NOW! The K-16 Coalition for Michigan’s Future supports a legislative initiative/petition drive together with the Citizens for Education, a registered ballot question committee.
August 15 - See the Detroit Free Press article concerning the school funding petition.

June 22 - See the Oakland Press article for coverage of the K-16 Coaltion Rally in Lansing. WLEA members Kim Paulin & Kim Quinn-Haver and Walled Lake School Board President Mary Ellen Trott are quoted!
More K-16 Rally coverage here.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Stay involved and informed about proposed legislation that will affect our health care coverage and also school funding in Michigan!


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