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Saturday November 11, 2006

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There are several positions vacant for EA and ESP MEA members.  It would be great if MEA members form 5 E/G would run for these positions...
(see below for more info!)

Proposal 2 Flyer
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Want to see the LISTED (“SORA”) OFFENSES LIST, Click here.


2006-2007 SMEA Calendar

(Meetings held at the MEA Office beginning at 4:30 p.m.)
(Some discussion items)

November 14, 2006                    Report from Fall RA

December 12, 2006                    2006-07 Goals and Standards Compiled/IPD Conference this

January 9, 2007                         Hearing on Goals and Standards/Bargaining Conference

February 13, 2007                      Bargaining Convention/Candidate for MEA Board/Lobby Day
                                                 held in Lansing

March 13, 2007                          Elections for Region/ESP Conference

April 10, 2007                            Nominations for SMEA Officers/Spring RA – 4 clusters        
                                                 from SMEA with no delegates

May 8, 2007                              Officer Election

We are looking for Region 5 nominations for MEA. 

There are several positions vacant for EA and ESP MEA members.  It would be great if MEA members form 5 E/G would run for these positions:

bullet Two vacancies for EA MEA RA Cluster Delegate with terms ending 8/31/09. ( Must come from locals of fewer than 75 members).  These are funded seats with mileage and meals.  For a two day RA rooms are funded at 1/2 the double occupancy.
bullet Three ESP MEA RA Cluster Delegate positions with two for the terms ending 8/31/08 and the other ending 8/31/09.  Again funded at the above rates.
bullet Three ESP MEA RA Cluster Alternate positions ending 8/31/08.
bullet TWO VACANCIES MEA RA Cluster Delegate positions end 8/31/07, and I have only received ONE nomination.
bullet There are THREE EA MEA RA Cluster Alternate positions which are vacant.  These positions end 8/31/08.


The following positions do NOT receive any funds from MEA or NEA:

bullet Six three year terms for EA NEA RA Cluster end 8/31/07; I have received only three nominations. These seats are not funded.  However, some coordinating councils give stipends to delegates.  5 D completely funds their cluster delegates through dues monies.  Also 5C gives something to cluster delegates from their CC.  (Gerald Barkley & Sue Deter currently hold two of these positions.)
bullet All EA NEA RA Cluster Alternate positions expire 8/31/07.  Four of the current alternates are from GOCC.
bullet All seven ESP NEA RA Cluster positions expire 8/31/07.I have received only 4 nominations.
bullet Three ESP NEA RA Cluster Alternate positions are vacant.

Elementary Teacher:
Changes are under way for Elementary Education Standards

The Michigan Department of Education is in the process of approving standards for the preparation of all teachers.  The Elementary Education Standards  have been revised and aligned with new national and state requirements.

The Michigan Department of Education is asking for comments by October 2, 2006, on the proposed elementary education teacher preparation standards.  A response form is posted on the site along with The newest DRAFT proposals for these standards.  The link to this site is:,1607,7-140-6530_5683_6368-33926--,00.html.

Your responses will be compiled and used to continue the standards development process.  These standards affect all teachers prepared in Michigan and your response is critical to assuring quality preparation programs. 



Please email me if there is information you would like to see here or if there are mistakes on this page.  Thanks!


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